We are open 12 months per year for pre-booked parties, group programmes, schools, and mobile outreach.  We open on 3 April – 28 September for everything else.

Adrenaline fuelled

Getting outside of your comfort zone is a good place to be – senses are heightened, legs do shake and it will put a big smile on your face.  Remember you are absolutely safe, always clipped on and under the watchful eye of our highly trained team.  Our course is brimming with action-packed, guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping, challenges…

Adrenaline Elements

Individual challenge with the support of your team and our instructors


Stand on a platform 40′high  and contemplate your next move?  The PowerFan delivers the exhilerating sense of falling before the safety system slows you down on landing.  Most people still crumple to the ground in fits of laughter.


Soar the heights of this amazing wall while attached to our safety system, then abseil down again. Race against your friends or let our instructors set your personal challenge.  Minimum age 5 – Max weight 120k


70m long, steep and fast zipwire. You will reach speeds of up to 60km per hour and that will definitely put a smile on your face. An extremely exciting addition to your experience. Minimum Age 5 – Max Weight 120kg.

Totem Poles

Our totem pole climbs are available to more confident climbers. Scale the heights and try and stand on top of the pole 30′ above ground. It’s not easy but you will experience a huge sense of achievement when complete.

Explorer Course

Our 3m high course is perfect for building confidence for the less experienced and anyone special needs. It uses an extremely safe rail safety system – meaning that participants are always clipped on and secure.  Minimum age 5 years.

Adventurer Course

9 metres high – perfect for those who want a challenge. Extremely exhilerating and very safe with no need to unclip at any stage of your adventure. Climb, swing, slide, balance and jump your way around the obstacles. Minimum age 7.

Team Challenges

Team Climbing challenge.  Impossible without the support of your team

Jacob’s Ladder

A really exciting team challenge that requires a huge amount of encouragement and physical support. 3 or 4 members of the group try to reach the top of the ladder. The ladder rungs get further apart as the team ascends….!

High All-Aboard

It sounds simple….all you have to do is stand on a 2′ x 2′ wooden square…along with 3 of your family, friends or colleagues. But first you have to climb to the top of the platform – 30′ off the ground. It will definitely make your knees wobble.

Big See-Saw

Balance on the see-saw after climbing with 3 others to the top of the 30′ pole. Test your skills and nerve, support each other, laugh, cry, scream….You are always roped up, safe, and supported by instructors and other team members.

Birthday Parties

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Team Building

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General Public

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Club Sessions

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School Trips

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Mobile Outreach

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