If you’re a parent, then you’ve probably told your children to stop climbing over the sofa, on the tables, or up the wardrobe so many times it’s become tiring.

It seems kids are programmed to try to damage themselves by running into or falling on objects from an extremely young age, but luckily, most parents are programmed to look after them.

When they’re really young, this is usually by putting a well-timed hand between them and the sharp corner of a cupboard, or magically appearing underneath the branch of a tree they’ve just managed to scale.

However, we can often find ourselves telling them to stop altogether, warning them of the dangers of climbing too high and really just scaring them not to.

In the end, the safest thing for them to do is to play on their Xbox or mobile phones, and we know that can’t be doing them much good.

Try a different way

Here at Challenge Academy, we think it’s better to challenge kids.

We think that challenging activities within a safe environment are actually a huge benefit to not just their physical health, but also their self-esteem.

The first time a young child looks at a climbing wall, it can be pretty scary.

They know that a big fall will hurt, and they also know that the height of the wall means getting to the top won’t be easy, but what they won’t know yet is that they can do it.

There are two things to get over – the physical aspect, in that it will be extremely tiring and will give them some nice achy muscles for a few days, and the mental aspect.

Believing you can or can’t do something is usually all it takes to make either statement come true.

We prefer the “I can” attitude, and that’s why we love it when kids spend a day with us and learn how to climb our walls.

Tackling danger in safety

A task doesn’t have to be dangerous, and our climbing walls are perfectly safe.

Yes, it’s a tough climb to the top, but pretty much anybody can do it, and we love it when someone who previously doubted their own ability makes it all the way.

The best outcome is when children set a goal and then achieve it. It helps them build their self-esteem and maybe, just maybe, give them a new hobby.

Not all children want to play football or rugby, and very often we have kids come back to our course regularly. They only came for a few hours originally, but they realised that climbing was for them, and so they embraced it!

Challenge Academy can tailor the course just for you, so if you want to give the whole family a thrill, and get the kids away from the technology for a day, give us a call or book now, we promise you’ll be back for more!


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