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Some schools want something more than ‘single session’ visits to our site.  We can offer a number of bespoke solutions for educational establishments.  You may want regular interventions or you might have a group with specific needs or outcomes.  Whatever the need we are able to provide a solution at an affordable price.  Have a look at some of the examples below but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require something out of the ordinary.


Challenge Academy presents a wide and ever expanding portfolio of programmes to meet the needs of schools.  Navigate around this page to see if there is something that suits and then get in touch so that we can tailor your needs.  If you are just looking for a single session ‘school trip’ experience then please click the button below.

Regular Programmes Ideal if you want a regular slot with Challenge Academy to achieve a long-term goal.  This might be a provision for a class or year group, a sports club or ‘Outdoor Adventure’ option or a programme for a group of students at risk of exclusion.  Having a regular slot means that we can be very competitive on price. We can also come to you.

Targeted Interventions  We can do impact programmes anywhere, anytime. We deliver a targeted intervention over a set period of time, normally 3 weeks or 6 weeks.  These are suitable for any age and we use our most experienced facilitators.  Remember that we have classroom space onsite so delivery of functional skills is also achievable

You can do it Our 6-hour training course, Facilitation Skills for Experiential Learning, is accredited CPD with the Institute for Outdoor Learning (IOL) and delivered by our senior facilitators (Led by Accredited Practitioners for IOL). This empowers your staff to deliver exceptional challenge programmes at your location and assist us at ours to keep the pricing down.

Employability Courses  The most important skills employers need require people to be mentally tough. Life skills that today’s employers value are mental toughness, effective communication, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability, positivity, learning from criticism, working under pressure.  Our senior facilitators will deliver an exceptional programme to your students at your place or ours.

Free Consultation Call us and we will invite you for a free demo of our courses and kit in action.  Remember that our courses are suitable for all ages and all abilities and we are always happy to design a bespoke programme that suits your desired outcomes and fits with limitations such as budget and transport.  The key for us is effective facilitation to bring the activities alive.  

Our Course Philosophy Develop Essential Life Skills such as leadership, motivation, perseverance, mental toughness, self-control and regulation. Promote emotional well-being through behaviour change. Above all we want our students and delegates to recognise that treading outside of their ‘comfort zones’ is extremely rewarding with huge value for lifelong learning.


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