“The CTTE sessions in our Quantum Workshops provided the opportunity to challenge each other in an ‘offline’ setting, and yet Greg could prompt us to relate it back to our work context, too. It accelerated us working together as a team, and thinking in terms of our behaviours – it provided us with shared anecdotes and references, again which we have since referred back to on occasions. It enabled the topic of ‘trust’ to be talked about and its importance recognised – its impact on our team culture and how much difference it can make was touched on. Greg himself is a breath of fresh air – he is highly professional, but not threatening and yet from a very different context than all of us, which engages people. He helps individuals to look at themselves and their colleagues in different ways. His sessions added and complimented the ‘hard business’ content of our Workshops and helped to generate a persisting sense of fun and energy”


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