Portable obstacle, fitness and team challenge equipment.  A complete solution for you to deliver meaningful challenge and team development anywhere

Empowering you to empower teams and individuals

Mobile Challenge Course fits into a box trailer and can be assembled quickly and used to achieve a variety of outcomes. The kit is extremely robust, but the key to success is about empowering leaders to take ownership and deliver high quality training.

Mobile or Fixed

There are 2 choices of installation. Some customers want portability and opt for the box trailer at extra cost. Some opt for a permanent installation, meaning that we visit the site to design your facility, dig foundations and install on concrete pads (normally cost-dependant on site and ground conditions).

What comes with a Mobile Challenge Course?

This framework comprises 4 A-Frames and all of the ancillary equipment required to build an amazing challenge activitiy, obstacle course or fitness trail.  We also include a number of our XL Team Activities and a manual to provide guidance on how to set up the course and deliver engaging and safe activities.  You also get a ‘Bag of Character’, associated accreditation and CPD approved training.

Easily Assembled In addition to all of the exciting Warm Ups and Team Challenge activitieQuick Fit pins mean that kit can be put together quickly and safely. No need for spanners and tools. The equipment takes no longer than 40 minutes for 2 trained people to put together.n planning, feedback and review materials.  

Robust and safe All metal work is hot-dip galvanized and then powder coated in your choice of colours to prevent corrosion and enhance a great look. Play-guard timber will not split or swell, so ensuring a continuous safe fit for all components.

Ancillary equipment Add-ons can be fitted to the framework using the same Quick Fit Pins. The course can then be placed in a number of configurations to achieve a variety of outcomes.  

Mental Toughness Terra Firma Challenge Equipment and Training is ideal for programmes that develop ‘grit’ and Resilience. We have partnered with AQR International to offer their MTQ48 Mental Toughness measure alongside any purchase.  

Bags of Character You also get a sturdy weatherproof holdall full of ideas and equipment required for 50+ activities. Furthermore this resource includes a comprehensive operations manual and associated Ofqual approved training.

XL Activities Terra Firma XL activities offer an excellent add-on for your set-up.  A number of large- scale challenges add value to your offer and are included in the deal, all accompanied by a comprehensive manual and an initial training package.


An expanding list of all of your questions answered but we know that there will be more.  Contact us if there is anything that you need to know 

Quality Assurance

Challenge Academy is led by experienced teachers and ex-military instructors. We go to great lengths to ensure absolute quality and safety

Form Downloads

We think that we have all of the documentation here that you need for your event but if you require more then please call us and we will send it to you 

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