As experienced outdoor professionals we recognise that bringing people to us can often be impractical, time restricted and expensive (in terms of transport).  Challenge Academy have put together innovative products and training that enable others to deliver exciting ‘active outdoor learning’ activities with a focus on engagement, learning and  fun.  Challenge Academy Equipment is all about:

  • Design of innovative activities to be used for personal and team development with a focus on outreach and mobility.
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD) approved training and certification.
  • Input of subject specialists and lead trainers with extensive teaching, military instruction, personal training and management experience.




Terra Firma is a range of innovative Challenge Activity Equipment, ideally suited to support the positive development of people and teams of any age and ability. Our original product Team Toolbox was sold to many schools, colleges and business UK wide and we continue to receive very positive feedback regarding its value and benefits.

Terra Firma is the next step – it includes a wide range of activities, all tried and tested, all focussing on developing team values and personal qualities. Its core elements develop trust, co-operation, teamwork, decision making, leadership, respect, confidence, communication, creative thinking and problem solving skills. Think of Terra Firma equipment and activity as a playground for everyone with measurable and meaningful outcomes!


Mobile Challenge Course fits into a box trailer, it can be assembled quickly and used to achieve a variety of outcomes. The kit is extremely robust but the key to success is about empowering leaders to take ownership and deliver high quality facilitation and learning experiences.


Mobile Challenge Course can be used on its own or as part of a progressive course of leaning, allowing you to maximise your programmes.

It can be aimed at the following cohorts:

  • Facilitators – part of an activity-based programme to develop your professionals.
  • Instructor Training – enabling your permanent staff and volunteers to take ownership and facilitate effectively and safely.
  • Senior Students – providing them with an Ofqual recognised qualification and enabling them to deliver elements of the provision.
  • Students – delivering challenge, personal and team development opportunities, fun and accreditation.


Mobile Challenge Course can be used for the following activities:

  • Outdoor Fitness (Boot Camps).
  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Training
  • Team Building.
  • Obstacle Course

‘We have enjoyed a fabulous training day from Closer to the Edge, working with the resources and working out how to integrate them into our working day. Obviously, we were keen to improve our skills in this area before we started, but as the day went on we realised that this could be the key to what is missing for many of our students! The ability to test and stretch yourself, work as a team, have people depend on you and you on them, take risks, review and refine. This kit teaches resilience, appreciation of and dependency on others. Self-worth and value. It blew us away! The icing on the cake however was that the day taught US how to be a team again and what we all bring to the table, it revolutionised our thinking about the curriculum. We’re already in the middle of a provision review and this resource couldn’t have been more timely. This will be the bit that brings our students literally ‘closer to the edge’ of taking their role in society. Quite frankly, it’s brilliant!’

Alison Salway, Head teacher, Whitehouse Centre, Bristol.

‘Twelve staff from AIM Awards attended CTTE  training on 3rd May 2012. Skills targeted through the activities included communication, trust, cooperation, problem solving and team-work. The day was carefully structured to allow skills to develop through warm-ups, simpler to more complex tasks and group review sessions.

The CTTE trainer was engaging and inclusive and knew exactly how to get the team out of its comfort zone to work harder, faster and with improved results. A good time was had by all and the team left having made fresh discoveries about colleagues and knowledge about themselves.’

Rachel Bovill – Curriculum Development Mananger AIM Awards

‘We invested in the kit and the training package. We received 6 hours of easy to follow, fun and comprehensive training. 8 Staff in total received the training and by the end of the session we were able to facilitate the resources feeling comfortable enough to adapt the resources for our specific teaching needs.’

John Dziunka – Creative Curriculum Coordinator Saint Benedict Catholic School and Performing Arts College

Challenges For All


Challenge Academy offers a wide range of activities to ensure that your team, class or year group has an exceptional experience - whatever the age and ability. We deliver activities to promote learning. Our programmes are designed and led by ex-teachers.


Build your own Team Building Day. Something for everyone, no matter what your abilities. Delivered by our high level facilitators - we ensure that the day is fun and experience is positive for everyone. Food and refreshments provided.

Other Groups

'A superb location for your scouts, guides, church group, knitting circle etc. We can offer a fun, meaningful and memorable experience for 2 hours, half a day, or full day. Call us to discuss - you can pick and mix so that your experience suits everyone.


'Parties to suit your budget and ability. If you can get a group of 10 or more (age 5+) then our Adventure Parties and Ultimate Parties offer great value. Book online to secure the exclusive slot (10am - 12pm) or call us to book a different session.

pay and play

Pay & Play is available for booking online if you want to guarantee your place and time on our courses. You could also take your chance and visit without booking. Details & opening times are on our website - we advise that you check online before visiting.

mobile outreach

Don't forget we can also bring our innovative team challenges to you. At your conference, at your school, at your club... Our senior facilitators are able to bring our resource (Terra Firma) and our expertise to deliver an engaging, fun-filled, learning experience.