Targeted intervention and measures 

Developing Mental Toughness for Everyone…

Challenge Academy have designed and delivered bespoke programmes to support targeted intervention for Education, Criminal Justice, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the NHS.  Intervention can be delivered by our highly experienced team of professionals or we can upskill your own staff using our accredited courses.  Challenge Academy and AQR international are partnership organisations.


AQR International MTQ48

AQR mental toughness development programmes use a blend of experiential learning and encouragement of purposeful practice and reflection.The result is a complete package which has valuable applications in the social, health, educational and occupational worlds. It applies to every aspect of developing performance, positive behaviour and wellbeing in individuals.  MTQ48 provides a credible measure of progress when applied alongside Challenge Academy resources and programmes.


Research and case studies show that mental toughness is strongly correlated with:                                                           


• Behaviour

• Retention/Drop-out rates

• Employability

• Transition/Productivity aging, meaningful

Programme Delivery

By combining use of the measure with a programme of targeted interventions based on their mental toughness results students can be: 

Better prepared for what life ‘throws at them’ and be able to bounce back from set backs

• Be more resilient, more organised and able to plan their life better

• Adopt positive thinking and cope better with difficulties and challenges.


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