It’s happened to all of us.

We’re sat at our desk and then the general hum of printers and slurping of tea is interrupted when the manager announces, “we’re all going on a team building day!”


It can strike fear into staff like not other news. The thought of having to spend a day attempting to “have fun” with a bunch of people we normally have trouble talking to without grimacing can fill us with dread.

To some, however, it’s day off. It’s a day out of the office doing something other than attempting to balance ledgers.

The thing is, it benefits all.

OK, maybe not all. We might have someone in our office who is a total sociopath and will spend the entire day hiding in the café knocking back hot chocolate, but for most, the benefits can be tangible.

Here’s why….

Disconnecting from the office

People spend an awful lot of time in the office, and being in the same environment all day every day can make you feel stale and bored.

Attending a team building day helps everyone disconnect from the workplace and see people in a new light.

Yes, at work you probably don’t get on with Mavis who rules the photocopier like Boudica, albeit without a chariot. But that might be because you’re in her domain, you’re the invader to her office.

The great outdoors is a leveller like no other.

Just wait until she’s hanging from a rope. A rope that you are holding the other end of.

Suddenly she’ll be your best friend.

This will happen all day on your adventure. You’ll interact with people in ways you never do at work, and when you get back to the office, things will be different.


Staff get to know each other

You know that quiet fella, James? The new guy who’s really quiet and hardly ever says anything? Did you know he can climb?

And when you were chatting to him high up on a ropes course, attempting to find the easiest way to the next challenge, wasn’t it a surprise to learn he’d worked in Australia on a farm during the summer?

Being away from the office allows people to get to know each other far better than when stuck in the office. It’s amazing how people open up.

Relaxation on company time

Let’s get this straight. We realise that you’re having fun on the company’s ticket.

We get that, and so should you!

Your company understand it, they want you to enjoy yourselves, because they get benefit from it, too.

It’s a free day out! Yes, but you’re learning.

It’s one of those tricky learning things where you don’t realise you’re learning, you really think you’re messing about on an adventure course while the company pays, and you kind of are. But you’re learning…

Problem-solving skills

When you come to Challenge Academy, you’ll be solving problems.

Nope, not algebra. Not balance sheets. Nothing like that.

You’ll be engaging your brain in things that matter, in things that will enliven and interest you.

You’ll be doing it with other people. You’ll be learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses and all of this will help you in your day-to-day life when you get back to the office.

It benefits everyone

Your company is hoping that as a team you will gel. They’re hoping that you’ll enjoy yourself and learn some interesting things about each other that will help you get on better at work.

They hope that you’ll come away from it refreshed. You’ll probably ache a bit, but it’s a “good ache”, trust us, most people leave our course aching, and they love it!

A healthy, happy and invigorated workforce will be more productive. They’ll be happier, and they’ll be better at their job.

And that’s what we’re about here at Challenge Academy!

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