We get a lot of people come to our course who are, or believe themselves to be, scared of heights. For example, if the picture above makes you break out in a cold sweat, you can be sure you’ve got a phobia!

This can be a challenging problem considering most of our adventures involve climbing, falling or walking between extremely high poles. We’re not called “Challenge Academy” for nothing, though!

Now, we’re not saying that we’re experts on people’s phobias, but we can offer a safe environment in which to try to overcome your fears, so why not give it a go?

Why we fear heights

Let’s get things straight from the outset – it’s fairly healthy to have a fear of heights. The human body has trouble with falling from anything more than a few feet, so being wary of a dangerous situation is a good thing.

The fear of heights probably isn’t the problem – it’s the fear of falling.

Many mountaineers and climbers also admit they have such fears, but they channel it into being safe rather than panicking or doing something irrational that could become dangerous.

But, if you do find yourself in a cold sweat, or your heart starts palpitating at the very thought of being above the second floor of an office block, there’s a really good way you can begin to get over it – and that’s to do it more.

In fact, according to helpguide.org, one of the best ways to get over any irrational fear or phobia is simple exposure. The more you face that fear head-on, the easier it becomes to handle.

That’s where we can help.

Our high ropes course is a single enclosed loop that keeps you safe at all times. You literally cannot fall from it.

Some courses by other companies have a system where you have to clip off from one rope and clip on to another. Now, these are perfectly safe systems, but they do cause some people a bit of anxiety.

Not ours!

An expertly trained professional will clip you into the course at one end, and you’re not coming off until you’ve completed the course at the end.

No need to clip on and off, even around poles and obstacles (yes, wizardry!) and if you trip or fall, you’ll simply dangle on the safety harness until you get back on the course. Take a minute to have a rest, you’ll be fine!

We find this is an excellent way for even the most fearful of our customers to enjoy and take part with everyone else, and it could also help you get over your fear of heights altogether!


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