We believe that everyone should have opportunities to recognise the importance and benefit of developing a mindset that will enable positive, life affirming, healthy choices.


We are passionate about the powerful nature of outdoor environments and learning ‘outside the classroom’ to promote and develop essential life skills, character and resilience.


If we want to share our purpose and opportunities for social impact, we need to empower others to gain the knowledge and skills to do so.


We offer a service to other organisations and charities so that active outdoor learning and its far reaching benefits can be accessed by as many as possible.  Our courses are innovative, engaging, challenging and make a real impact


It is widely recognised across all sectors that ‘soft skills’ enable the qualities, behaviours and attributes needed to succeed in the workplace. Challenge Academy deliver specific services to support these qualities and behaviours. Our services have been commissioned to support different sectors.


 We provide an exclusive environment where we deliver learning opportunities to young people with social, emotional and mental health challenges.  Our main focus is to use adventure and problem solving activities in order to move participants outside of their comfort zone into their stretch zone where they can develop positive core values.  Delivered by our senior team of facilitators, including trained teachers, outdoor practitioners and ex military instructors. We do not coerce and we always operate on a ‘Challenge by Choice’ basis. 

1-Hit Programmes

Fun, individual/team challenge, personal/team development and focus on learning. These programmes are targeted and we endeavour to always achieve desired outcomes: improved confidence, control, resilience, commitment. All in a caring, safe and positive environment. 

2-3 Session Programmes

Personalised learning, specific focus, changing behaviour, improving performance and attainment. Using a variety of experiential learning and encouragement of purposeful practice and reflection. 

6-8 Session Programmes

Progression throughout and MTQ48 Mental Toughness Measure* included. Targeted interventions may include employment skills and an element of classroom based learning is necessary. We also include an ofqual award if required (AIM Awards Personal Potential*) 


Challenge Academy delivers progressive programmes to support local projects tackling the root cause of poverty, promoting social inclusion and driving employment and growth.  One of our main customers is Talent Match. Since 2014 Talent Match has worked with 26,000 young people aged 18-24 who need extra support to help them along the path to sustainable employment.  We were delighted to receive ‘Talent Match Partner of the Year’ Award in November 2019 for the intervention programmes that we delivered at our centre.


Delivering targeted programmes to increase the number of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in further and higher education. ‘Right to Succeed’ brings together the professionals driving improvement in education to build on and grow because we believe every child deserves the right to succeed. Right to Succeed work across UK regions and offer a range of interventions for over 40 schools. They have invested in Challenge Academy resources and approved training. We have and continue to deliver these services to support targeted intervention as part of the Reach Programme.


Challenge Academy support ‘EPIC Think’ series programmes with our behaviour change resource Bags of Character and CPD approve training Facilitation skill for Experiential learning.  We are supporting Doncaster Children’s Services Trust’s bid to the office of the police and crime commissioner for South Yorkshire to establish a sub-regional CCE (Child Criminal Exploitation) response covering the areas of Doncaster Barnsley and Rotherham.  Since intervention began in 2017 there has been a 49% reduction of young people aged 10-17 entering the criminal justice system for the first time. 


We have delivered our behaviour change and mental toughness courses to support those in custody and the community. Our fun, engaging courses develop essential skills for greater resilience and wellbeing through experiential learning. We have delivered our ‘Mental Toughness for Employability’  programme across the UK and we are planning to scale-up this offer with a number of new partners currently working within the sector.


Call us and we will invite you for a free consultation, demo of our courses and kit in action.  Remember that our courses are suitable for all ages and all abilities and we are always happy to design a bespoke programme that suits your desired outcomes and fits with limitations such as budget and transport.  The key for us is effective facilitation to bring the activities alive.  


Develop Essential Life Skills such as leadership, motivation, perseverance, mental toughness, self-control and regulation. Promote emotional well-being through behaviour change. Above all we want our students and delegates to recognise that treading outside of their ‘comfort zones’ is extremely rewarding with huge value for lifelong learning.

educational courses

From mainstream to courses for SEN we have a number of programmes on offer for your school.  Some are based on a one-hit basis and some focus on a progressive approach with a number of visits.  All delivered by senior facilitators and teachers either at our site of at your location.

COMMUNITY programmes

It is widely recognised across all sectors that ‘soft skills’ enable the qualities, behaviours and attributes needed to succeed in the workplace. Challenge Academy deliver specific services to support these qualities and behaviours. Our services have been commissioned to support different sectors.

TRAINING courses

We like to spread the good news and empower others to deliver.  Our training packages and courses are intended to upskill your staff to enable delivery of our services. All training is supported by relevant  approved qualifications for continuing professional development.  Delivered at Baggeridge Adventure or at your location.


Challenge Academy have designed and delivered bespoke programmes to support targeted intervention for Charities, Education, Criminal Justice, Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the NHS.  Intervention can be delivered by our highly experienced team of professionals or we can upskill your own staff using our accredited courses.   


‘The participants really enjoyed the course; they came away each day feeling more positive and confident in their abilities looking forward to the next challenges set for them. It has been a pleasure to see the great change in them all, confidence, attitude, determination, and forward thinking. We look forward to seeing them grow into the confident young people ready to move into the workplace’.

Maggie Slyfield – Talent Match Mentor


‘Having worked with young people in custody personally, I really appreciate the employability courses that Challenge Academy has run and how beneficial they are to the individuals. The impact has equipped our young people in custody with the skills to manage their own behaviours when facing a challenge or crisis’.

Jo Newsome – Case Manager HMPPS CFO3 East of England


‘This has been such a positive start to a very informative, educational, and in some cases will be a life enhancing programme’.

Ruth Valentine – Behavioural Manager


‘The training day was carefully structured to allow skills to develop through warm-ups, simpler to more complex tasks and group review sessions. The trainer was engaging and inclusive and knew exactly how to get the team out of its comfort zone to work harder, faster and with improved results. A good time was had by all and the team left having made fresh discoveries about colleagues and knowledge about themselves’ 

Curriculum Development Manager Aim Awards


‘Delivery of the pilot sessions has been highly successful, proving the worth of the programme and impact will be carefully measured moving forward. The sessions are interactive and creative, fully engaging all students. One student reported, “It was awesome! I loved the Bags of Character activities and it was good to think about each other and what we are all good at’.

Kathy Thompson – Headteacher



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