Loads of different ways to access challenge on your doorstep


We are open 12 months per year for pre-booked parties, group programmes, schools, and mobile outreach.  We open on 3 April – 28 September for everything else.

Challenge and Adventure on your Doorstep

If you are in the West Midlands then we are not far away and we are proud to serve our Community and deliver amazing experiences and active learning to everyone.  We make challenge accessible in the following ways…

Challenge at Height

What a great way to get adventurous! Climb, swing, jump and zip with friends, colleagues, classmates, family.  Some just want to do the challenges on their own.  All in total safety and closely supported by our amazing team

Ground-Based Activities

Some people would rather get out of their comfort zone with feet firmly fixed to ‘Terra Firma’.  No problem, we have something for everyone and our aim is to get everyone outdoors, adventurous, working as a team and having fun.


Team Toolkits like no other, mobile challenge courses and accredited training.  Empowering fellow professionals to spread the message.  We can also come to you with our ‘Terra Firma’ Mobile Outreach Equipment.

Challenge Academy CIC

Striving to ensure that challenge and 'active outdoor learning' opportunities are available, inclusive and accessible

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