All of our sites are equipped with these exhilarating – guaranteed  to get the adrenaline pumping – activities. There are also site specific activities so please have a look at the descriptions below to get a bit more information.


Both of our sites are equipped with long, steep and fast zipwires, ranging between 60 and 100m.  All use braking systems to slow you down – all are instructor supervised. You will reach speeds of up to 60km per hour on our zipwires!! that will definitely put a smile on your face!


Stand on a platform 40′ above the ground and contemplate your next move?  our fan descenders offer the exhilerating sense of falling – you fall quickly and then the safety system slows you down before you land.  Most people still crumple to the ground in fits of laughter.  The most exciting part is making the decision to step off the platform


All of our climbing walls use auto-belay systems but we can also instruct on belay techniques for participants when required so that the wall can be used as a team event.  Our wall at Derby has a ‘real rock’ effect and 30′ high.  Baggeridge has a 30′ high wooden wall with hand holds.

Aerial Treks

All of our Aerial Ropes Courses have something for everyone – activities combine jumping with climbing and swinging.  Some activities are at height (9 metres) and some are lower down (3 metres)  – some are easy and some more challenging! All of them make you smile (other emotions may also be on display!).


Both Baggeridge and Derby are equipped with a 3m low course, perfect for building confidence and delivering programmes to the less experience and those with disabilities and special needs! it does test your nerve and is suitable for all ages and abilities from 5 upwards.  It uses an extremely safe rail safety system – meaning that participants are always clipped on and secure.  Minimum age 5 years.  We recommend that, for the younger and more nervous, that an older (and more confident) sibling, friend or parent accompanies them.


9 metres off the ground – high enough to get your heart rate moving.  Our Adventurer Courses are perfect for those who want a challenge. They are also extremely exhilerating and very safe with no need to unclip at any stage of your adventure.  Climb, swing, slide, balance and jump your way around the obstacles.  All of the elements and obstacles span 6 metre and 8metre gaps – balance on the hanging islands, climb the cargo net and tread carefully along the wire.  Minimum age 8.  We recommend that, for the younger and more nervous, that an older (and more confident) sibling, friend or parent accompanies them.


We have a selection of Team Challenges at our sites.  All of these test your ability to work together, problem solve, and succeed – whilst conquering your fears.  These challenges are not available for normal packages (Junior Pack, Extreme Pack and Ultimate Pack).  We only deliver these tasks on the corporate, schools and other groups packages.


A really exciting team challenge that requires a huge amount of encouragement and physical support.  3 or 4 members of the group try to reach the top – the team members at the bottom are responsible for belay and safety under the close supervison of our instructors.  The ladder rungs get further apart as the team ascends….!


It sounds simple….all you have to do is stand on a 2′ x 2′ wooden square…along with 3 of your family, friends or colleagues. But first you have to get to the top of the totem pole that supports the platform – 30′ off the ground.  It will definitely make your knees wobble.


Best described as a vertical obstacle course.  Once again participants are roped up and safe.  The challenge is to reach the top of the climb, negotiating peg-climbs, cargo nets and tires along the way.  This adventure is for 2 people at a time so an element of competition can sometimes add a bit of spice (Derby only)


Balance on the see-saw after climbing with 3 others to the top of the 30′ pole.  Test your skills and nerve, support each other, laugh, cry, scream….You are always roped up, safe, and supported by instructors and other team members.


There are 2 of these at Baggeridge – they are fantastic challenges that involve the team supporting 2 climbers, with the objective of climbing to the top of the totem pole.  You will be surprised at what you can achieve, even more surprised at the overwhelming sense of surprise that you experience when you succeed.


You’ve all seen the circus acts! now you can be a real life acrobat! Choose the distance that you want to leap and go for it! you will be roped up and safe so no problem if you miss! this facility is at Baggeridge only, we will only use it for very special occasions! there is also the option to do this alongside a friend!

Challenges For All


Challenge Academy offers a wide range of activities to ensure that your team, class or year group has an exceptional experience - whatever the age and ability. We deliver activities to promote learning. Our programmes are designed and led by ex-teachers.


Build your own Team Building Day. Something for everyone, no matter what your abilities. Delivered by our high level facilitators - we ensure that the day is fun and experience is positive for everyone. Food and refreshments provided.

Other Groups

'A superb location for your scouts, guides, church group, knitting circle etc. We can offer a fun, meaningful and memorable experience for 2 hours, half a day, or full day. Call us to discuss - you can pick and mix so that your experience suits everyone.


'Parties to suit your budget and ability. If you can get a group of 10 or more (age 5+) then our Adventure Parties and Ultimate Parties offer great value. Book online to secure the exclusive slot (10am - 12pm) or call us to book a different session.

pay and play

Pay & Play is available for booking online if you want to guarantee your place and time on our courses. You could also take your chance and visit without booking. Details & opening times are on our website - we advise that you check online before visiting.

mobile outreach

Don't forget we can also bring our innovative team challenges to you. At your conference, at your school, at your club... Our senior facilitators are able to bring our resource (Terra Firma) and our expertise to deliver an engaging, fun-filled, learning experience.